Hearing Color

by Marcy White on March 23, 2014

I work with color in almost every healing session. I know that each color has a different vibration, a unique feel to it as my body senses the color. I have to be in a fairy deep meditative state to feel the subtle differences in each color. Sometimes during a healing a session a color will come to me and I am being told to place that color in the body part I am working on. When this happens I normally tell the client to envision that color in that body part before they fall asleep.

This video is about someone who was born color blind but with technology has learned to hear color. It’s a wonderful short talk encouraging us to fine tune our senses.




Oil Pulls 25 yr old Cold Sore Root from Lip

by Marcy White on March 5, 2014

I started the oil pulling on 11/27/13. For the first two months I had sinus drainage for an hour after each oil pulling. I was using sunflower or sesame cold pressed oil. I only do the oil pulling first thing in the morning.

Then in February I started using coconut oil every other day. After a week or two of using the coconut oil my cold sore root was extremely painful for one day. For another week it hurt if I touched it but otherwise was okay. It turned into a regular cold sore and the scab came off twice. There is still some discoloration but the cold sore root is gone. I am not sure if it was the coconut oil that did the pulling on the cold sore root or if it would have happened anyway just using the sesame and sunflower oils.

I was totally amazed that swishing oil for 20 minutes in the morning can accomplish so many things. I never dreamed it would pull out the cold sore root. oilpulling.com is the website to visit for many testimonials.

There have also been things coming out of my skin like pimples or moles. The moles fall off within a week. The pimple doesn’t even break skin and it only lasts two days. Things are happening though. I am hoping the sinus cleansing part during the first two months took care of my allergies. We shall see what we see when we see it….as a dear old friend of mine used to always say…..


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Algebra Tutoring

March 3, 2014

Pretty funny story to share. So, my background is in science and I have degrees in Chemistry and Statistics. When I was at the bike shop, a great non profit orginazation called Bicas here in Tucson, and a girl came up to the guy who was helping me with my bike and asked for some […]

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Quantum Physics Jewel

December 13, 2013


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Oil Pulling for Teeth and Gums

December 5, 2013

Wow. I had an appointment with my QT instructor Alain Herriott to work on my teeth and gums. The dentists here in the States kept telling me I needed this deep cleaning which they would do for $1200. They would not even do a regular cleaning for me. So, I’ve been going to Mexico to […]

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The Future of You by Maureen Moss

September 24, 2013

I was just saying to my daughter yesterday, ‘I wonder if I will ever get completely over my low self worth. It keeps slipping back in now and then.’ Then I opened my email today and instead of deleting this file I opened it. I have asked my guides to direct me on which emails […]

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Earth Chakras & Ley Lines

September 19, 2013

Dear Fire-Keepers, We have got a beautiful list of 349 power Nodes in the attached excel where Sacred Fires will be done during the Equinox Time Window. We are encouraging all to connect within this grid for 3 days during this Equinox. 72hrs of any Sacred Fire as a powerful Ripple effect and this will […]

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I Love Baseball Movies

September 19, 2013

Well, for some reason, one of my favorite actors, Kevin Costner, starred in a 1999 movie that I missed until tonight. For the Love of the Game You can stream it on Netflix. Maybe I was just in the mood for a romantic movie. It sure did hit the spot. I cried through half of […]

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Bladder tumor dissolves

August 27, 2013

Okay, I am leery of what to believe on the internet. I do trust Gregg Braden so here is an interesting 9 minute video on someone who does healing work. http://youtu.be/Ieji732rT7A

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Computer Screen Blackout

August 6, 2013

My daughter and I were on vacation in Mexico. She had some work to do online but when she tried to open her computer the screen went black. I did 15 minutes of Quantum Touch and the screen came aglow. The computer kept working until she turned it off. I repeated this QT treatment four […]

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