Instant Manifestation

by Marcy White on February 26, 2015

It was 20 years ago when a friend of mine, Roseanna, was talking about how we would be able to access higher dimensions in the future and while residing in these dimensions we would only have to think of something to make it appear. So, I asked her……What, like I just think of an orange and it materializes out of thin air?

Well, I am not so sure of that but what I experienced a few weeks ago counts for me as Instant Manifestation.
I was on my favorite hike and I had only brought enough water for my usual 4 mile hike. Well, this day I was wrestling with some emotional distractions and I really wanted to just keep hiking. So, I did. I hiked and hiked and when I was down to my last sip of water and had yet to turn around………I thought, hmmm, this may not have been a good idea. Then I remembered how my daughter carried extra water in her pack just so it would add more weight and give her a better workout. So, I thought, maybe I can run into some hikers who will have some extra water to give me. Five to ten minutes later I ran into a couple who could spare me 20 ounces of water. I kept going. By the time I had turned around I was pretty spent and all I could think about was fruit. I had to have some fruit. Oh, god, I could not wait to get home and have some fruit. No, I couldn’t make it all the way home. I would stop at the store for some juice. Geez, I wish this hike wasn’t so far out here in the desert cuz it’s a 30 minute drive before I could get some fruit. I wanted fruit sooooo bad. As I moved over for a hiker to pass me on his way up the mountain I noticed grapes hanging out the back of his backpack. I said, ‘Oh my god. Grapes. That’s what I am doing next time. I am packing some fruit and snacks.’ Of course the guy was nice enough to offer me some grapes. Those 6 grapes were the most nutritious and welcoming food I have put into my mouth. I was soooooo happy.

So, I am thinking we can manifest by helping each other. Thanks you fellow hikers:)


Energy Fluctuations & Mood Swings on Planet Earth

We, the Sirian-Pleiadian Councils of Light, observe that many of you are emotionally unstable at this time, and we seek to assist and enlighten you through our communication. We wish to inform you that the energy fluctuations on your planet right now are a result not only of solar flares and polar shift – they are caused also by the CLEANSING PROCESS Gaia is going through on both a physical and energetic level. On a physical level, your Earth planet ripples her skin from time to time in order to shift the tectonic plates and realign the inner magnetic grids. On an energetic level, the Light workers on Gaia have been clearing ley lines, reigniting sacred sites and reconnecting the Crystal & Light grids of Gaia for many years now. And the dual effect of these physical and energetic shifts on the planet is that the remnants of ancient Atlantean sound experiments, a type of ETHERIC POLLUTION, is sometimes released into your fourth dimension. This is then available to your collective consciousness and can trigger even the most dedicated Light worker into emotions of insecurity, anger or fear.

Let us explain. At the time of the collapse of Atlantis intense sound experiments by the dark forces caused energy smog in the lower atmosphere of the planet, which compromised the people’s ability to connect with Source and their Higher Selves. This was achieved through the seeding of negative thought forms into the ethers; thought forms based on separation consciousness; thought forms based on FEAR. Fear-based thoughts will always result in a form of paranoia; a need to protect oneself against others; a false belief that others will harm you if you do not take measures to protect yourself. This manifests in competition and ego-based defensive behaviour, which is destructive to both individual beings and the society as a whole. It is not possible for a civilisation based on competition and defensive behaviour to thrive in the long-term. The destruction of Atlantis was not only because of Earth shifts which drowned the physical cities and civilisation – it began when the larger population lost their connection with Source, with the Light, through a shift into fear which was manipulated.
Now, your civilisation is faced with an unprecedented opportunity to reverse history, moving en-masse from a fear-based society into one of Love and Unity. A renaissance of Love-based consciousness is being birthed. But you must understand the energetic obstacles to this renaissance that you are dealing with right now. On the one hand you have the group we call the ‘manipulators’ on your planet who seek to trigger you into fear or dis-empowerment through the manipulation of the media and social institutions. This is old news, and we need not elaborate – those of you who are reading this communication are aware that all it takes to achieve autonomy in your society is for you to think for yourselves and choose your own reality and truth.
Our message here is that there is a secondary factor at play, which is that your emotional instability is sometimes triggered by the involuntary release of negative thought forms into your collective unconscious, as your planet expels all that is not of the Light from her body. This can be likened to a ‘healing crisis’ where things get worse before they get better. The good news is that it is temporary – it is a glitch that will be over soon – but for right now you must learn to deal with the instability and take responsibility for your own well-being. The first step is to look after yourselves on a physical level, for this is an important and often over-looked part of the equation.
When your physical energy is low, compromised by addictions, too much time on the internet, not enough time in nature, exercise and rest, or the wrong foods, your auric shields become weak and you are susceptible to intrusions in your energy fields of negative thought forms and emotions which are not yours. We repeat: the negative thoughts and emotions which cloud your consciousness are sometimes NOT YOUR OWN. Just as human consciousness was once compromised by the dark Atlantean experiments, so are your people once again vulnerable to those fear-based thoughts forms. The difference is that this time it is not part of an evil plan to contaminate and compromise you; it is a side-effect of the healing process that Gaia is undergoing. And this time, you are aware enough to TUNE IN and assess whether a feeling or thought form belongs to you or not.
Let us assist in this process, dear ones. When your mood dips and you feel possessed by negative thoughts, stop what you are doing, close your eyes and tune in. Ask your Higher Self: ‘Are these thoughts mine? Do they serve me and my highest purpose?’ It may be that the answer is ‘Yes’ because you are processing a situation which needs to come to clarity – in which case your Higher Self will assist you in bringing Light and heart into your thought processes so that you may come to peace without your ego-mind poisoning your consciousness.
However, if the answer is ‘NO’, then you are advised to go through the following process. Say out loud ‘I transmute all fear-based thoughts into LIGHT’. Visualise these thought forms flying out of your brain, your chakras and your aura and becoming flashes of LIGHT which explode like stars or fireworks in the ethers.
Now affirm ‘I am LIGHT and LOVE embodied.’
‘I serve the Light by embodying loving kindness.’
‘I choose to love myself unconditionally so that I become an instrument of Light.’
It matters not whether you use our words or speak your own words, from your heart. It matters only that your intention is clear and that you catch yourself before a negative spiral is initiated which progressively takes you down the rabbit hole into the darkness of despair. You are not victims – you are able to control your emotional fields through your crystal clear intentions to live joy-ful, heart-ful lives. You can always self-correct! In fact if you do not learn to self-correct and stabilize your emotions, you are missing the most important part of your evolution, which is to become masters of your emotions.
Know that we are with you throughout this time of instability. The many Star Beings, Ascended Masters and Angelic Light Beings who observe and assist through your transition are available to you 24 hours a day. Call to us for assistance when your energies are compromised and you feel despondent. Know that this is a TEMPORARY situation of instability and that your work to keep yourselves emotionally balanced is of the utmost importance.
When enough of you are awake, aware and able to stabilise your emotions, a quantum shift is initiated which shifts all of you past the influence of the 4th dimension into energetic integrity. Rather than waiting for the shift to HAPPEN TO YOU, practise being in this state of joy and integrity every minute of the day. Look after yourselves as if you were your own beloved children, and monitor your emotional state meticulously. Learn to readjust your moods before they descend into darkness – to catch a shift away from the Light in your mood quickly, before the damage is done. You are in control of your own thoughts and emotions, dear ones. When you allow yourselves to be triggered into negativity, over and over again, you become victims and are unable to serve yourselves, your human tribe or Gaia. Each one of you who succeeds in staying positive and embodying this way of being for others to emulate shifts your world into the Light.
And so it is. Namaste.
Love love love
Solara An-Ra, Magic Weaver for Gaia


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