Nasty mean cruel people

by Marcy White on July 5, 2015

I have recently had the misfortune to have some real ugliness thrown my way. People who lie and say cruel mean things. I know I did not deserve this so I asked my guides what was going on. I asked if I needed to learn something from it. They said no. So I asked why is it happening. They said ‘Just to show you that it is out there.’

Now, I do admit I have a pretty good life surrounded by good people. I guess every once in awhile I need to see what happens in the rest of this sometimes cruel world. I get a glimpse of it when I happen to hear the news.

But, hey, I choose to live in my own little happy world. I do not want nasty mean cruel people in it. I cannot tolerate the news. The only reason for me to be aware of the news is so that I could focus my meditations on certain areas to improve the situation.

Blessings to all you good people out there.


From Maureen Moss

by Marcy White on June 25, 2015

NEW TRANSMISSION: “And The Universe Said…”

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. And so it is that Mercury has passed the retrograde baton to Pluto until days before the final lunar eclipse on September 24, 2015, provoking within us further deep changes and challenges at a fundamental level. As a result of Pluto in retrograde we are given deeper initiations to propel us to the forefront of our lives and to remain undaunted in the temple of neutrality, the zero point and point of balance in the center of our hearts.

When it was written through me, “as we are given deeper initiations to propel us to the forefront of our lives and remain undaunted in the temple of neutrality in the center of our hearts,” I said out loud to the Universe, “do you realize how long we have been going through initiations and digging, even clawing our way to the center of our hearts?”

“Do you realize how many times we’ve been put on notice that during this time and through this period of deeper initiations, we will move forward with unbeknownst speed into a world of understanding and be presented with opportunities that will grant us sovereignty and freedom?”

“Do you realize how deeply we have submerged ourselves to uncover and release issues that aren’t even ours and issues that are, (or at least that’s what the mind would have us believing)?”

“With guidance from within, out and up, we’ve removed shields from our hearts within moments of having our hearts broken open, we’ve lost our minds and money more than a few times, misplaced our memories, and found our lives after many deaths on our way to the forefront.”

“On our way to the forefront, we’ve unhooked twisted ancestral lines and jumped timelines back and forth like tennis balls being lobbied by pros at Wimbledon. We’ve dodged M Class, X Class, and countless other classes of solar flares and narrowly escaped collapse during emotional flares as we treaded gingerly through retrogrades and planets squaring off with each other.”

“We’ve blessed, been in contempt, loved, unloved, been merciful (a bit) and merciless (a bit too often) with ourselves as we have been rewired, decompressed and decomposed while swimming against the tides of normal to find our natural and true selves, our God Selves in the center of our heart.”

“All of this, time and again for decades, to get to the forefront of ourselves amongst confusing and conflicting directions being shouted to us from our minds and whispered to us from our hearts.”

“And still, we are moving at whirling dervish speed to run from resistance and dance in multiple dimensions prompted by the promises of Masters, Guides, Teachers, and newsletter reporters (for years now) that we’re so close to our freedom so please don’t give up 10 seconds before the miracle. And still, we’re advised there’s more to come.”

Realizing I was right in the center of a huge emotional release and knowing I wasn’t speaking only for myself, I took a breath so perhaps the Universe might get a word in edgewise.

And the Universe said, “and still you do not realize the Legion of Lights and Miracles that you are.”

“As an act of Love, you stepped away from planets and star systems that many of you would call Heaven to come to Planet Earth and construct, through the power of Creation through your very own hearts, Heaven, onto what many of you have felt at times was a planet of agony and misery.”

“As an act of Love and against all odds, resistance, hardships, confusions, illusions, amnesia, and collective consciousness you stepped into a dream and a collective hologram. A dream and a hologram that you created with the Creator to bring Heaven to Earth through the only place it could come from…your heart.”

“As an act of Love, only through a series of initiations, no different than the many initiations of Christ and through your individual and collective soul plans could you be prompted to fulfill your dream.”

“As an act of Love, you entered into a realm of discovery that would take you far beyond the teachings of the Christ. You might remember that He said, These things and more shall you do. And you are.”

“For this you were born and for this you have lived the uncommon lives you have that would best accommodate not only this monumental task for All, but for your personal Mastery of a hologram that belongs only to you within the hologram of the collective.”

From The Light of God You Are
From The Power of God You Are
From The Love of God You Are

“For those very reasons you cannot fail and you have already ascended. Now it is up to you to not stop short of your Mastery. Surrender your suffering, it is a distraction. Focus solely on settling into the center of your heart, where you are promised balance, and made able to strengthen, acclimate, integrate and maintain the Love, the Light and the Power of God that you are.”

“Your freedom is as close as your intention, your action, your love and your acceptance.”

Maureen Moss, © 2015. Please share wherever you prefer keeping name, content and the website intact.


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