What Others Think of Me

by Marcy White on November 20, 2015

I recently wrote this post on facebook. It is related to my upcoming trip to Belize and Guatemala. Currently going for 2 months backpacking around and camping when possible. I may decide to live for a year in Guatemala. I have always wanted to immerse myself in another culture and learn their language. Maybe part of that reason is I won’t know what people are thinking of me. They can just babble on in their own language and I can ignore.

Many moons ago when I worked in the corporate world I was always taken with posters that people would hang on the wallls within their office. This was back when we all had offices with walls. Later it became and ‘open space’ kind of environment.
Anyway, the first one I noticed was..’Comprimise but do do not comprimise yourself’. The woman in this office was quite rigid and guarded so I thought the quote befitting. But I respected her aspiration to become what the quote said.
The next one (in a different job) was a picture of a gorilla saying ‘If I want your opinion I will beat it out of you’. Again I thought this really suited the nature of the person and no need for argument there. Although when I set the lab on fire he was the first to respond and put the fire out. Haha, sad but true story. He knew his place.
My favorite one is ‘Your opinion is none of my business’. This one was displayed by a person I thought was calm and centered.
This is what I am striving for and I hope my upcoming 2 month trip to Belize and Guatemala will help solidify this concept.

And today I realized that journey has already begun. I have noticed people think more highly of me for doing the trip and going on an adventure and yes I know they are thinking ‘Wow, cool at her age’. And then of course my mother’s reaction……..’Oh Marcy I wish you would not do these things’…….well, she worries about me on so many levels it really doesn’t matter. And then you have the people who think I am nuts for going to what they think are unsafe countries.

The point is whether or not you think highly or poorly of me is not important. What matters is how I feel about what I am doing.

WOW………..am looking forward to letting go and chilling out.

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Allowing Emotions

by Marcy White on November 18, 2015

Go to youtube and check out this video from Lee Harris. For some reason I am not able to post the link in the body of this post.


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November 18, 2015

I just love this guy. He speaks so clearly. enjoy being you

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